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25 Apr 2017
Align columns in vim
Align columns in vim

One may come across the table like this:


20 Aug 2016
Acestream on Ubuntu 16.04
Install Acestream on Ubuntu 16.04

Acestream (a fork of the VLC player for video playback via torrents) was easy to install using apt-get on Ubuntu 14.04, but on Ubuntu 16.04 it is not in the repositories for the moment (please let me know when it will change). One way is to install Acestream from source, but I didn’t succeed with it. The second way is described here (Spanish). I decided to gather all the necessary files into one archive to make things a lot simpler.


14 Nov 2015
Landscape astrophotography with IRIS
Landscape astrophotography manual. The theory and the practice. Registering and stacking images in the IRIS software.


On the web:

  • Lots of manuals are available on registering and stacking telescopic images. Why do people stack lots of frames to obtain only one final picture? First of all, in order to reduce the digital noise.

  • Lots of manuals on landscape astrophoto with usual DSLR and usual lenses. As a rule, stacking is not described in such manuals.

This post aims to teach how to apply the power of image stacking and noise reduction to a landscape astrophotography with ordinary DSLR. Wide-field astrophotography has its own features: rotating sky and motionless landscape are present in the frame. Astronomers who shoot the sky do not face this problem, hence usually people don’t talk about it. I’ll do.

11 Nov 2015
Interactive family tree chart for Rurik dynasty
Full pedigree chart of Rurikids (Rurik dynasty)

The goal of the project is to create the complete family tree for the Rurik dynasty (Rurikids) who ruled the lands of Rus from 862 until 1598. Goal has been achieved (this family tree contains more than 750 people!) but there are lots of features to add.

The animation is in Russian but it is translated on the actual web page